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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Owl Channel blog is now the Owl Channel Daily!

The Blog has moved to:


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/24 to 4/25

NINE treats last night, everyone dined well!

Here is a brief clip of the babies reacting to OCG's truck horn alarm going off lol TY GeekLady ! Please bookmark her terrific Youtube site once you get there ! also:


Babies react to truck horn

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/23 to 4/24

The Owl Channel's Deets and Treats Report: TWELVE:12: Roy 7 gophers, Dale 2 gophers, 2 mice & 1 rabbit, all made for an overnight feast!
It was delightful and funny to see Chickadee gulp her treats while three siblings attempted stealies!

Please enjoy Lixon's beautiful slideshow!

by Lixon !
Many folks ask, are they boys or girls?

Here is a wonderful source to help determine barn owl gender

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/17 to 4/18

Owl Channel's Deets and Treats Report:  Total  TWELVE , Roy 5 gophers, 1 mouse, 1 rabbit- Dale 3 gophers, 1 mouse & 1 rabbit

From LvOwls: It's TripOwl Crown Contest Part 3 time! Give us your guess of the date/time for 1st owlet to firmly plant both feet on the porch. No need to name the owlet. Contest ends at 12 midnight PDT on April 22

Please enjoy Lixon's Songbird slideshow

March 28th Dee Clark and Ellie 2012

12 barn owl fascinating facts

Discover 12 fascinating facts about the beautiful barn owl.
1 The barn owl was voted Britain’s favourite farmland bird by the public in an RSPB poll in July 2007.
2 Historically, the barn owl was Britain’s most common owl species, but today only one farm in about 75 can boast a barn owl nest.
3 Barn owls screech, not hoot (that’s tawny owls).
4 The barn owl can fly almost silently. This enables it to hear the slightest sounds made by its rodent prey hidden in deep vegetation while it’s flying up to three metres overhead.
5 The barn owl’s heart-shaped face collects sound in the same way as human ears. Its hearing is the most sensitive of any creature tested.
6 Barn owls are non-territorial. Adults live in overlapping home ranges, each one covering approximately 5,000 hectares. That’s a staggering 12,500 acres or 7,100 football pitches!
7 It’s not uncommon for barn owl chicks in the nest to feed each other. This behaviour is incredibly rare in birds.
8 In order to live and breed, a pair of barn owls needs to eat around 5,000 prey items a year. These are mainly field voles, wood mice, and common shrews.
9 Though barn owls are capable of producing three broods of five to seven young each year, most breed only once and produce, on average, only two and a half young. 29 per cent of nests produce no young at all.
10 91 per cent of barn owls post-mortemed were found to contain rat poison. Some owls die as a direct result of consuming rodenticides, but most contain sub-lethal doses. The effects of this remain unknown.
11 In a typical year, around 3,000 juvenile barn owls are killed on Britain’s motorways, dual carriageways and other trunk roads. That’s about a third of all the young that fledge.
12 Everyone can help barn owls. Leave a patch of rough grassland to grow wild thus creating habitat for voles, erect a super-safe deep nest box, volunteer for your local barn owl group, switch to non-toxic rodent control

March 12th Dale and Ellie 2012

In Memory of McGee 2010.. 2012

March 5th 2012

Three Little Heroes Beak Festing by TwoOwlWingz 2/27/12

Roy sees Ellie for the First Time

CouleeDam and LoneStar's Second Clutch Pics

Feb 25th Meet Our Hero Family by Hundon

Feb 25th Meet Our Hero Family by Hundon
Feb 25th Meet Our Hero Family by Hundon

Feb 23rd 9:30 am Clark and Ellie

Feb 23rd 9:30 am Clark and Ellie
Feb 23rd 9:30 am Clark and Ellie

Wonder Woman Dee Hatches

Welcome to The Owl Channel Daily

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GeekLady's Photos

Roy and Dales Eggs Clutch 2

Egg #1 1/19 7:15 am
Egg #2 1/21 8:13 am
Egg #3 1/23 9:33 am
Egg #4 1/25 1:22 pm

Pearl, Belle and Boone

Pearl, Belle and Boone
Pearl, Belle and Boone, Photo by OwlCamGuy August 28th

Dale in Reflection Mode by NatOwlLover

Dale in Reflection Mode by NatOwlLover
Dale in Reflection Mode by NatOwlLover

I'm a Daddy.. again?! Click on pic for video

I'm a Daddy.. again?! Click on pic for video
I'm a Daddy.. again?! Click on pic for video

VioletMoon's Artistic Renderings

Banner Info 2012 Calendar Belle Starr 7/15, 10:23 am. Pearl 7/20, 3:53 am. Boone 7/24, 10:11am Wyatt 7/25 6:35 pm, Zee 7/28 1:10 pm (eggs 2 & 4 non viable) Wyatt passed 8/3, 11:15 pm. Zee 8/4, Boone 9/2